Bitcoin at the end of 2021 USD 100.00, but with ETF even USD 300.000, according to Scaramucci after opening fund

Anthony Scaramucci is the boss of investment company SkyBridge Capital and he has now launched the SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund. This fund focuses entirely on bitcoin. Scaramucci recently shared his views on bitcoin and his Bitcoin Fund.

Attracting mass wealthy investors
SkyBridge in was founded in 2005 by Scaramucci, they call themselves a global, alternative investment company specialising in multi-strategy fund of hedge fund products. According to SkyBridge’s press release, the Bitcoin fund ‚offers mass affluent investors a tool of institutional quality to acquire exposure to Bitcoin‘.

It goes on to say:

In addition, ‚SkyBridge has initiated a position, on behalf of its flagship funds, worth around USD 310 million at the time of this release, in funds investing in Bitcoin in November and December 2020‘. SkyBridge says that Fidelity provides crypto-custody services for the fund and that Ernst & Young will carry out the auditing.

Taking advantage of the bitcoin revolution
Scaramucci had this to say:

‚We believe that Bitcoin is in its early stages as an exciting new asset class. With the high quality institutional custody solutions available today, we believe the time is ripe to allocate capital and provide our clients with access to the digital assets space‘. Brett Messing, SkyBridge President and Chief Operating Officer, continues:

„Bitcoin is leading a digital monetary revolution around the world. We think the burden has shifted from ‚why are you investing in Bitcoin? To ‚why don’t you invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is scarce
On 29 December Scaramucci was interviewed by Peter McCormack for an episode of the „What Bitcoin Did“ podcast. Scaramucci about bitcoin:

I like the scarcity: nobody knows who invented it. That was clever of the inventors, but they only have 21 million coins out there, so that scarcity gives people this anti-dilutive property, and it’s also, as you know, about the human mind. If there is something scarce, people want it.‘

Price forecast in 2021
He also makes a price forecast: Bitcoin exchange rate could rise to USD 280 000 per currency, with a total market value of USD 5 trillion and still only half of all the gold mined in our global society, and I think it still has a long way to go. You now have this historic opportunity to buy bitcoin before the institutions do. Institutions are coming. Could it be USD 100 000 per currency by the end of 12-31 2021? I think it could be.‘

In addition, Scaramucci expects a bitcoin ETF to take another three years at most. ‚but then bitcoin could be worth USD 300 000‘.